Mr. Market Manager – Auto Sales

Practical, Simple, Effective.

Market Dashboard

An Always-Live market Dashboard, which displays all parties as soon as the MR enters their order and his party visit into the system

Get a full detail view about that Party from that dashboard –

His Orders, Market Survey, his issues/suggestions, agent’s report, new products introduced,  etc


Market Sales Representatives(MR's)

MR’s and Sales Representatives need excellent management,  and can be automatically managed with this system. The Main office has a live report while the sales agents are in the field. 


Their profiles, individual logins, Tour programs, schedules can be setup well in advance. And it is easy for the MR’s to take orders, surveys, market reports, and chat with their office too. The system automatically keeps in sync with their journey itinerary, and is flexible enough to allow for changes too.

Market zone, State, Region, City -define your own.

The ability to Define your own market hierarchically into zones and regions is extremely important in not only setting up your Sales tours, but also in defining your marketing plans and creating a searchable database to get valuable reports. 

Retailers, Dealers, Mechanics and A/B

Every party is classified as dealer, retailer, or mechanic. The party can even be classified as A/B types, to be dealt with accordingly

All your parties profiles orders and history is easily maintained. Even if the party is still a soft lead, the history of all interactions with each party remains on record

Products, categories, launches, surveys

Your products and categories can be created, so that you may announce new launches , promotions, and get maket survey of your product categories

Tour program scheduling and agent MR visits

Planning of sales agents tours can be done well in advance. As each sales rep reaches the scheduled locations on the planned dates, his respective work is laid out before him.

Constant contact, chats and communication

Chatting with the agents on their androids is the easy way to communicate and keeps you in constant touch with the markets pulse.

The chat data remains associated with the party data in concern, and a historicl record

Multi options Reporting, Intelligent search. and list sorting

Reports of all kinds in an easy to use format gets you valuable data and analysis of your market and tasks.

Intelligent search implemented in an intuitive manner gets you instant results

Combine this with single click list sorting, and your data is always at your fingertips