E- commerc Portals

Take orders online deliver them in time grow your business with an e-commerce portal


E- commerce portals refers to those online portals where viewers can do shopping online, add items in their  cart and checkout with payment at the end here viewers become customers and they get their orders in the convenience of their home

Hostel Booking

Check availability of hostel accommodation in a few clicks. Book online to avoid long queues.


To study in a good college or a school distant from your home. It is not possible to rent a room for children where they are alone away from elders guidance. A hostel will avoid all these problems in a convenient way.To make booking a hostel hassle free now organizations are switching to

Hotel Booking

Plan your visit Book hotels as per your convenience an application for all your hotel need in an unknown place


Hotel booking were a big task a few years ago but not anymore as now you can view hotels in an area you are going to pay a visit and choose between a number of hotels according to their price, per day cost, by viewing picture of room and hotel with its exact location, and book according to the number of days room is required, number of room required

Telegram Clone

Use double telegram accounts send large files from both sides.


Telegram is an application that allows us to send large files, create groups with large number of members. Nowadays every phone has double sim slots. Using two numbers is a common thing now

Website Design

Website design refers to the webpage that is displayed to us when we open a website on the internet


It plays a very important role nowadays. Being at home and surfing the internet you come across with many websites. If you keenly notice them you will find different themes, ideas, and something unique in each of them.

Hotel Management

Manage your hotel staff, attendance and many more in a few click


Be it business meeting in a distant place, vacation hotels and its hospitality services keeps clients and customers worry free.  A hotel management application is needed to manage all these things on a regular basis. These includes staff attendance, tasks may also be assigned to the staff through these apps

WhatsApp clone

Use and manage two WhatsApp accounts in a single phone


WhatsApp as we know is a message, calling , video calling app that we use frequently to get connected with other users. It is not possible to use two WhatsApp accounts in a single phone therefore people who use two numbers simultaneously.

Website Development

Website development refers to the whole process of work involved while creating a website to be shown in the internet. It can be simple single static page of plain text and it can be complex page as well. This completely depends as per the requirement. To be more specific about the task involved during the process of website development they are web engineering, web design, web content development, web server, network security, e- commerce development and last but not the least client-side or server side scripting. 

Event Booking

Create your own personalized event booking system meeting your requirements. Stand out in a unique way from others


Event booking allows your viewers to book multiple tickets, it also lets you create venue events or virtual events in a few moments and take booking upon that basis online Event booking is a software that is specifically designed to create events

Doctor Appointment Booking

Feeling low? Book hassle free appointment booking on the go


There was a time when we had to go long ways for booking an appointment and visit a doctor for check ups. It was a complex task to judge to whom to consult. But now all these tasks can be done with just a few clicks.

Patient Booking Application

Make your own organization application to avoid long queues not necessary rush in hospitals, clinics and pharmacy


There was a time when a register was maintained to book appointments in hospitals then came computer to do these things with ease but there was a need to hire a person to do these bookings in system. Here Patient booking portals are a boon for hospitals and clinics.

Billing Portal

Create bills seamlessly with no interruption


Billing portal is a unique application that allows you to create bills. Your products, its stocks, rate per piece, adding discounts code etc.

Swiggy Clone

Order food from two numbers to get great discounts


Being at home and ordering tasty food online. Swiggy is a portal to order tasty food online. In the pandemic when no one was allowed to step outside their house. This app was a boon to us., getting restaurant food delivered at door step

Pos Application

No more cash hassles pay bills through debit card , credit card, QR code.


Going to a shop and buying thing is a common thing. Generally we keep cash according to our needs but there are times when we run out of cash and there comes pos application

Hotel + POS

No more cash hassles. Pay your hotel bills through pos.


Going out of station for work, meeting, outing, or vacation. We have to book a hotel for that duration and taking cash to pay bills carries risk of theft or lost. Not anymore pos is there for your rescue

Restaurant Portal

Order food online, book a table, place a take away order, from your favorite restaurant  all this in a single app


You are all aware about the food delivery apps to order food. But these apps take delivery charges, packing charges, taxes and gst, not only on food but on all of these. Restaurant portal belongs to a particular restaurant here you can order food and they deliver you without any delivery charges and tax and gst is charged only on the food amount, they also give discounts.

Invoice Portal

An invoice portal designed for your employees for their easy use and faster check out.


Be it anything a customer buys they wish to get an invoice to get the complete monetary information about the products they bought, this invoice is also for future reference about the product information. An invoice portal contains the name of the organization, its address or location, product name, number of quantity purchased, whether tax and gst is charged on it.

Salon Booking

Book salon appointments with a few clicks at the convenience of your home.


There is always a rush whenever we visit salon. Booking an appointment before going to salon gives you a priority to be attended first. This application lets you book salon appointments for different packages

Restaurant POS Portal

Pay your restaurant bills safe and convenient with our POS portal


Restaurant is a place we all wish to go, be it any occasion,  party, celebration,  or any reason. We all love to have our favorite dishes.

Ludo 3d game Portal

Play Ludo 3d just like the classic board game.


Ludo is a game that we all are aware about. A classic board game that we all love to play with family friends. It is not possible to carry a board all the time with us. Not anymore With Ludo 3d game an application that can be played in mobile device anywhere anytime

Ludo 3d Game Portal with real cash

Play classic ludo game. Challage others and win to get real cash. Play your favorite game and earn from it.


Ludo is not a new game. So you all are aware about its gaming rules. Stand a chance to win real cash

Swiggy with Delivery Portal

Have your own food ordering and delivery app. With a feature of tracking live location for your customers.


Amid this covid situation.  We are all advised not to step outside our houses. As this would increase the chances of contamination. Why go outside when ordering and food delivery

Stock Management

Manage your stocks in a few clicks with this stock management application


Managing stock is itself a task. We need to maintain a register, taking a report is a task. Analyzing the stock available is very hectic nowadays specially when there are n number of transactions

HRM Basic

Manage your human resources in the vest possible way


Human resource management refers to the utilization of employees in the best possible way. It basically identifies the qualities in order to achieve better performance from the employees.

HRM Advance

Manage human resources, keep track on employees day to day progress, add learning objectives for employees and many more


Just like HRM (i.e human resource management) HRM advance is an extension of HRM basic. It includes all the features of hrm basic and many more features

CMS Basic

Publish your content and get maximum reach


CMS or content management system is an application that allows you to publish content in the web for maximum reach

CMS Advance

Use cms advance to to reach out maximum views , edit your content with more templates and designs.


Content management system is the full form of cms. It is used to create, edit, modify, manage, publish and store digital content.

Customized CMS

Customize your own content management system software according to your requirements


CMS software is a necessary software for growth. This software lets you publish your content with the help of customized  cms

Customized Billing Portal

Have your own billing portal according to your preference


You are all aware about billing portal where billing is done as per user cart. Now customized billing is something different. Here it is customized according to the organization

CRM Basic

Interact with your customers in a new way.


CRM or customer relationship management is a tool through which an organization administers its interaction with its customers to help a company with sales, marketing and service management.

CRM Advance

Increase your business and customer insight With an advance feature of CRM where you can save all the data in cloud based solution.


CRM means customer relationship management. As the name suggests this application is a kind of tool that helps us develop leads

Ledger Portal

No more buying a register , maintain your account ledgers with our ledger portal


It is very costly to maintain a register. Keeping a register and maintaining it that to in manual basis is very hectic. As humans are involved to maintain it, it may contain a lot of human errors as well

Customized Ledger Portal

Have your own portal to meet your requirements


Customize your ledger portal to have a more convenient register, simple and easy for you and your employees save time understanding those complex ledger portal.

POS with Delivery

Stay safe with no contact to delivery boy. Pay your bill amount to delivery boy through pos.


Delivering items and food, necessity are very common for us now. We may or may not have cash or exact change for our orders